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Social media doesn't have to be hard!
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What if you knew exactly what to post on social media that attracted droves of engaged fans, showcased your expertise, brought you consistent leads and sales, while saving you time on your marketing?

Here is the perfect solution...

Your Social Plan

Does this sound familiar?

  • You are posting like crazy all willy-nilly with little results. You’ve tried everything under the sun to grow your social media presence and build Know, Like & Trust but are gaining little to no traction.

  • You spend an hour every morning trying to craft the perfect post. Or you just skip posting all together because it takes so long, have nothing to say, or no clue what anyone wants to hear from you.

  • You are failing to reach your ideal audience. You know they're out there, but don't know how to get them to notice you? You know there must be something you are missing.

  • You are frustrated from information overload. You’ve researched google, seen all the guru's in your feed and just don't know where to start. Or maybe you feel like you have tried it all already.

  • You are tired of watching your competition post inspired, fun and engaging content. You cringe when you see all of the likes, comments and shares their content receives.

  • You are losing your motivation and the drive to continue trying... especially when all you hear is crickets on your accounts. You worry that there is too much competition for you to stand out in the crowd.

If it does you are in the right place & It's time to do something different... Finally get the results you have been looking for!

Imagine if you could...

  • Attract a responsive audience that engages with you. Constantly attract new prospects who are excited about what you have to say and can't wait to come back for more.

  • Authentically post engaging content that helps you stand out above the competition. Consistently share exciting and engaging content that compels your audience to like, comment and share while building Know, Like & Trust in your niche.

  • Continually grow your online presence and business the right way... organically, with shareable content. Posting great content insures you’ll see consistent growth for free. (Of course you can multiply that affect with ads if you like).

  • Gain extra time in your schedule by batching the posting process. Using amazing pre-made content will give you hours back to work on other promotions or projects. Do more in less time!

    Feel confident in your social strategy... heck yeah! No more second guessing or spending hours on stalking the competition to see what they are doing. Feel great knowing that you are sharing engaging and effective content that is growing your online presence!

    Finally, since you have your social strategy in order, focus on other aspects of your business. Consider adding new products and services or adding other ways to promote such as blogging, email marketing, starting an online group, etc.

It can happen!

You just need a plan...

A daily plan that will give you great post ideas, images and more!
A plan that shows you what to post and how to get more engagement!

A done for you plan... Your Social Plan

What's included...

Daily post planner

Most entrepreneurs struggle with what to post on Facebook and other social media networks. Now you don't have to...

A daily social planner with three customized ideas for each day for you to tweak and make your own, daily offline growth ideas, daily engagement checklists and places to keep up with your social strategy – from sales, promotions, coupons and discounts, blog posts, holidays, events and more. Use them to keep up with daily goals and tasks as well.

Daily Social Planners for each day of the month that include:

• 30 daily planning worksheets
• 90 social post ideas with examples
• 30 marketing tips

  • 10 blog post ideas

  • 5 promotional ideas
• Daily engagement checklist
• Daily Holidays and National Days
• Daily Hashtags
• Daily Goals
• Daily Marketing Tasks
• Daily Personal and Business Priorities
90+ post ideas delivered every month!

Plus... Done for you images

You’ll get a variety of original graphics that you can use to share with your audience.

• Motivational & Inspirational Quotes
• Funny & Engaging Graphics
• Promotional Graphics for Sales, Discounts, & Special Offers
• Blank Graphics for you to create your own announcements, quotes, blog posts, or promos

These are ready for you to add your logo to create a strong and consistent online brand! We even have tutorials to teach you how to make them your own.

The graphics change monthly so you always have fresh new content to post each month. We always include major holidays and some national days to keep you current.

Amazing Images Make Incredible Posts!

Industry Specific Images

Monthly Images

Day of the Week Images

Inspirational Images

65+ Custom Images Delivered Every Month
All in a private membership area...


How it Works

Each month, we do all the work, and you look like a social media pro. You get brand new original content delivered each month!

All you have to do is choose the content that works for you, customize if desired, then schedule and watch how easy your online presence can grow!

  1. Choose an Edition

  2. Login to the Members Area

  3. Download your planner & images

  4. Print and work through the planner

  5. Copy and Paste your post ideas

  6. Schedule your posts

  7. Enjoy engagement and new business!


Put social media to work for you!

Socially Inclined is going to change the way you "do social media"!

With your membership, you will get access to our member’s area where you have easy access to all the content, tools, and training you need.

Your content will change each month…. That means a brand new Your Social Plan with all of your marketing activities, unique post ideas for each day plus a month of amazing images!

That’s right, for around a dollar a day you get everything you need each month to create a very Socially Inclined presence across ALL your social media platforms.

What could be easier?

Pair it with our amazing Dashboard!

We even have a plan to pair it with our amazing Socially Inclined Social Media Management Dashboard. All Your Social Plan content is pre-loaded and ready to post inside the dashboard. It also features great time saving opportunities as well as automation services to help grow your online presence.

The Socially Inclined Social Dashboard takes all the social networks you use (or should be using) and puts them in one place. Make your plan and put it on autopilot...easy as that.

Remembering a million passwords and logging into 5 different social networks at one time is a thing of the past. We have put everything together for you, IN ONE PLACE.

Socially Inclined is a social media dashboard for engaging with customers, measuring results and monitoring your brand across multiple social media channels at once.

Your Instructor

Julie Herndon
Julie Herndon

I'm Julie Herndon, founder and creator of Socially Inclined. I have been working with small and medium sized businesses with online advertising, social media marketing and web development since 2004. I am dedicated to providing training, tools, toolkits and planners that work alongside the Socially Inclined automation dashboard to effectively manage your social media presence.

I work really hard to help and encourage you to "Take Action" to get Socially Inclined! See you on the inside!

Class Curriculum

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  Hashtags - Examples and How To
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  September Planner Download
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  August Planner Download
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  Downloads - Images Month 1
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  Downloads - Images Month 3
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  Downloads - Images Month 4
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  Downloads - Images Month 5
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  Downloads - Images Month 6
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  Downloads - Images Month 9
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will YSP work for my business?
Your Social Plan works for ANY business and all niches. The content is created to compliment all businesses. Our clients include brick and mortar small businesses, coaches, product/ecommerce business, network marketers, and online business owners. We all know that consistency is the key when it comes to social media. We have done everything to make you successful with social media by providing you with engaging posts and images. However we can’t guarantee specific results because they are dependent on your implementation of the program. We are confident that if you use the content and post consistently that you will see more engagement, new fans, and more sales.
Will the content work for me?
Yes! Your Social Plan includes content that is suited for all businesses but also includes industry specific content broken down into our 4 editions. The content is written to Educate, Entertain, Inspire and Promote. You can choose from any of your monthly graphics in the content library to make the content specific to your audience and brand.
Can I customize the posts and images?
Yes! All daily post ideas are general and should be tweaked to match your voice and style. All images are ready to post but we do suggest to customize your images by adding your logo, web address or other text. We have tutorials that show how to add your logo, text and tint or color the images to give them a completely different look. You can completely customize your online presence.
Can't I just share images that I find on other accounts and from google images?
Nooooo, Images are protected by copyright. To legally share these images you are required to have permission from the owner of the image. Today with so many people sharing other people's images you have no idea where the original came from to even ask permission. For the most part most people do not mind... but if you find one that does you could be sued or lose your social media account. It is not worth the risk!
When and how is content delivered?
Our members area will be updated with new content every 20th of each month. Planners are easily downloaded to be printed or opened as pdf for easy copy and paste. All images area easily downloaded for easy publishing. Our YSP plus dashboard plan includes the Socially Inclined dashboard and comes pre-loaded with all post ideas and images for easy posting to any and all of your networks at one time. Track the stats of how your posts are working and easily repost at any time.
Can I cancel my membership?
Yes, you may cancel anytime before your next billing date. Social media is a process that requires action so we have made it as easy to take advantage of our shortcuts. We would hate to see you miss out on all of the new content and periodic bonuses that we provide but understand that things happen. Just email [email protected] and let us know.

You only have two options...

You could keep trying to figure out what to post all on your own...

You could sign up to get the plan that will help you take action to post great quality posts and images that will kickstart your online engagement.

Think about where you want to be six months from now... or even ONE month from now.

Do you have a proven plan to get there?

You can use our step-by-step daily planner to help you achieve the social presence that will increase build your online presence and increase engagement faster than you thought was possible.

What will you choose?

Choose to Get Socially Inclined and take control of your marketing with a proven plan!

Recap of what's included:

  • Your Social Plan Daily Planners - This daily post planner calendar gives you three daily post ideas along with national days, hashtags, marketing tasks, checklist and more. It keeps you on task and on top of your marketing!

  • Done For You Social Media Graphics - Beautifully designed custom social graphics ready for you to download, customize (if you wish) and post to your social media accounts. 65+ monthly images that are motivational, funny, engaging, inspiring and promotional.

  • Pre-written Social Media Statuses - Three daily post ideas custom written for that specific date. Just add your flair and post!

  • Blank Graphic Templates - Have a special promotion or a blog post you want to share? Grab one of these blank graphic templates and add your text and logo to customize them completely.

  • Video Tutorials - View design tutorials that will show you the steps to customize the post ideas and images to match your brand and message.

  • Blogging & Promo ideas - Use these monthly topics for blogs, emails, newsletters, social posts and/or promotions.

  • Worksheets & Planners - These will keep you on top of your goals and your results. Monthly and Weekly Planners, Stat Trackers, Goal Sheets, Promotional Ideas, and more.

  • BONUSES - Extra Monthly Content, Curated Collection of Graphics, Social Media Strategy, Templates, Cheat Sheets and More!


It's time to do big things... & learn new things!

Ready to grow your social media and online presence using our incredible social media planners... Your Social Plan?

It's time to do something different!

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