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Building Your Online Presence with Socially Inclined Dashboard and CONTENT!

Get monthly access to the Socially Inclined Dashboard to grow your business, online presence and bottom line.

With Socially Inclined you will save hours and become more effective.

With social media automation you can...

  • Easily automate and schedule social media content weeks and months in advance

  • Have evergreen, high quality content shared on your social networks 24/7

  • Search, discover and share VIRAL content in matter of seconds

  • Have your blog posts shared on social media channels automatically

  • Automatically curate and schedule social media content from reliable sources

I work with hundreds of social media marketing clients and marketing automation helps me save time and be more effective. Without automation it's hard to scale social media efforts.

Socially Inclined will help you:

  1. Develop a social media automation strategy that works 24/7

  2. Save hours on social media marketing

  3. Set up auto liking and commenting on networks

  4. Set up hundreds of evergreen posts to save time on social media

Who is the Socially Inclined Dashboard right for?

  • Anyone who wants to save time on social media with automation

  • Marketers & Social media consultants

  • Entrepreneurs, solopreneurs & Small medium business owners

A few features:

Connect with over 30 Networks


The Socially Inclined Social Dashboard takes all the social networks you use (or should be using) and puts them in one place. Make your plan and put it on autopilot...easy as that.

Remembering a million passwords and logging into 5 different social networks at one time is a thing of the past. We have put everything together for you, IN ONE PLACE.

Socially Inclined is a social media dashboard for engaging with customers, measuring results and monitoring your brand across multiple social media channels at once.


It's Just a Better Way to "Do" Social Media

Tired of using tons of different tools to try to manage your social media? You’re a business owner. We know how precious time is to you. The Socially Inclined Dashboard makes it easy to effectively engage with your audience, monitor your brand and track results from one dashboard.No other tools needed. NONE!


Social Automation... the EASY Way

Plan ahead. That's probably something you have been preaching for a while, but have you applied it to your social media? Plan posts with meaning. You can take just a few short hours a month and schedule MEANINGFUL (money making) posts to run on ALL your social networks. Yep, plan in one place and see results in many places.


Engage Across MULTIPLE Platforms without missing Important Messages

Manage posts, messages and comments from sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more so you can read and respond in one place. Our dashboard analyzes each message and highlights those that are requiring urgent attention so you don't miss an important message.


See What is Working

The dashboard quickly identifies posts that resonate best with your audience and reaches the most people. No more wondering if your post matters, the dashboard will tell you. Once you have identified what your audience works its smooth sailing turning posts into dollars...that's the goal, right?


Show off Your Hard Work with Analytics

The dashboard has built in easy to build reports that shows off how well your social media is doing. Create presentation-ready reports using a combination of over 200 modules on our easy to use drag and drop report builder.

Manage your Reputation

That's right, in the same place you manage your social media you can keep a check on your online reputation. Monitor what's being said about your brand on blogs, social networks, news and in comments. Use our automatic sentiment analysis to highlight mentions that need urgent attention.

Save Time & Grow Your Business...

What do you have to lose?

It's Time to Get Socially Inclined!

Your Instructor

Julie Herndon
Julie Herndon

I'm Julie Herndon, founder and creator of Socially Inclined. I have been working with small and medium sized businesses with online advertising, social media marketing and web development since 2004. I am dedicated to providing training, tools, toolkits and planners that work alongside the Socially Inclined automation dashboard to effectively manage your social media presence.

I work really hard to help and encourage you to "Take Action" to get Socially Inclined! See you on the inside!

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I get access to the dashboard?
Your access starts now! Just click the enroll now button and you will be directed to the members area where you will receive dashboard access and training. The training is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the dashboard?
You have access to the dashboard as long as you are continuing to pay the monthly charges.
Can I cancel my membership?
Yes, you may cancel anytime before your next billing date. Social media is a process that requires action so we have made it as easy to take advantage of our shortcuts. We would hate to see you miss out on all of the advantages of social media automation and periodic bonuses that we provide but understand that things happen. Just go to your profile settings in the top right corner and look for Manage Membership then click cancel for the membership you are cancelling. If you have any issue email [email protected] and let us know.

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