Strive 365 Mastermind - 6 Months to Fully Branded, Marketed & Making More Sales

Work with me for 6 months to plan and implement your 365 day plan!

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You are ready for everything to change!
I know this and you know this!!!

It's time to stop comparing yourself to all of the other's out there and design a business that you love and are excited to share with others!


You have what it takes inside you... You just need to shut everything out... AND FOCUS! Get out of Overwhelm and work on the things that matter the most!

Decide... Commit... Take Action!

What will make the difference in your business!

  • Define what makes you different!
  • Define your ideal client and what you can do for them!
  • Define why customers want to work with you!
  • Define the actual steps you need to take to break through what is holding you and you back!
  • Define an online strategy to stand out from the crowd!
  • Create a brand that you love that conveys what you do and why you create successful outcomes!
  • Put the systems in place to sell 24/7 on auto pilot
  • Have clients that love that you help them achieve success
  • Have clients that are happy to pay for results and your services


6 months of support with Julie Herndon
10 sessions to define the steps you must take to achieve results
10 group coaching sessions to define and refine your process
2 one on one critiques to make sure you are executing!
Plan your next 365 days.

Why this is different than any other investment you've ever made:


Finally make and implement the strategy that will drive you to success. Stop working all over the place! We will take inventory of all of the tools you have in the shed (website, social media accounts, email marketing, blog, etc.) and make them work together to get the results that have been alluding you.


Discover the real you that will connect with your ideal client. Get clear about what you do, how you help, and the results you achieve. Never feel like you need to continuously look and copy what other's in your niche are doing. You will create something you are proud of and love to market. Having the confidence of having a brand and offers that you love will make all the difference.


Tired of plotting, planning and journaling the same goals and fears for 6+ months? I was too. Learn what is holding you back. Learn to push through and take the action that is required to make it and stand out online. We'll make a plan together that will help you focus on what will move you forward and get past the planning party you are always stuck in! Finally, get out of your own way and design a business you love.

You have tried on your own...
You have struggled on you own...
You are constantly looking at everyone else and trying to catch up!

You no longer have to stress and worry about getting your business on track. You will have the plan and you will want to TAKE ACTION!

Just as many invest in college to prepare them for a career you need to invest in designing a business you love that works!

This will be the best investment you will ever make in yourself and your business that will pay for itself many times over!


$10,000 full pay or 3 monthly payments of $4000.

Truly the best investment you will ever make in yourself and your business!

Let's do this!

It's time to make a real change...

Stop doing the same thing everyone else is doing! You can stand out from the crowd and make money while in the spotlight!

Your Instructor

Julie Herndon
Julie Herndon

I'm Julie Herndon, founder and creator of Socially Inclined. I have been working with small and medium sized businesses with online advertising, social media marketing and web development since 2004. I am dedicated to providing training, tools, toolkits and planners that work alongside the Socially Inclined automation dashboard to effectively manage your social media presence.

I work really hard to help and encourage you to "Take Action" to get Socially Inclined! See you on the inside!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is PERFECT for this mastermind?
* Brick and Mortar businesses, small business entrepreneurs, spiritual, relationship, health, life coaches who have been signing clients already in their business and have had some online success! * Women who are ready and willing to fully trust the process and do exactly what I say, even when they are terrified! GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE! YOU CAN DO THIS! * You've worked with coaches before but it still feels hard to create consistent five figures cash - especially to get to $20k months * You want to be different than the 99% of the industry - you want to create a brand you love and have results for yourself and your clients * You're ready to learn and execute! You will learn what it takes to STAND OUT... and make it online!
How much support will I be getting with this mastermind?
You'll one on one support as well as group support every single week March through August - whether we are doing a training that week or a group coaching/mastermind session you will be receiving guidance and content every week to keep you moving forward - fast. Plus, we have the Facebook group where you can ask questions, share content you've been creating, links to sales pages, etc for direct feedback from me and other people in the group.. Believe me... You will be supported along this journey! Just know this... the entrepreneurs that sign on for this mastermind will see huge results in their business! You will have the guidance, tools, resources and mentoring that you need to succeed online!
Am I guaranteed success?
You will have the tools, mentoring, resources and support that you need to make real change in your business. This like any other program is dependent on you TAKING ACTION and taking the steps that are laid out for you. This is not a done for you program... you must put the work into the program. But rest assured.... YOU CAN DO THIS! I have a proven method for standing out and getting results and you can too! Let's get started!

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